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ISSN: 2344 - 102X

ISSN-L: 2344 - 102X


Article from Volume 8, Number 3, Year 2020

Author(s): Veronica Grosu, Ancuta - Anisia Chelba
DOI: 104316/EJAFB.2020.8314
Abstract: In a competitive economy, the development of a business is closely linked to the occurrence and manifestation of any type of risk. The risk consists in the occurrence of a future event, probably, but uncertain which results in a damage or loss manifested in the form of a company's inability to meet its objectives. The main objective of this article is to provide a realistic and useful introduction to addressing the concept and definitions of bankruptcy risk in the literature. This topic was chosen because we believe that only by applying a bankruptcy risk assessment model will economic entities know the real financial situation they face at a given time, thus having the opportunity to rethink the decision-making process.
Keywords: Bankruptcty Risk, Prediction Model, Financial Difficulty
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