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ISSN: 2344 - 102X

ISSN-L: 2344 - 102X


Article from Volume 8, Number 3, Year 2020

Author(s): Dumitrita Nuca
DOI: 104316/EJAFB.2020.8316
Abstract: Lately, society is increasingly concerned about the threat of a possible resource crisis, which could affect the whole globe, and the economic models developed have not always considering the characteristic of resource depletion. Thus, the transition to another type of economy - the circular economy - was designed to cover the problems that society is currently facing and that it could have in the future due to massive pollution and climate change worldwide. In this sense, the purpose of this paper is to clarify the notion of circular economy, as well as its benefits in order to create a sustainable and competitive system at the same time, because these are the key points in achieving success.
Keywords: Circular Economy; Sustainability; Development; Competitiveness
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